Monday, February 6, 2012

The journey... ready, set...

In just over 48 hours I depart on a 30,000 mile (give or take a few) beer adventure.  Everyone asks, "Are you nervous? excited?" ...anxious I think.  The apartment is almost renovated and rented out. My car "should" make it across the USA, 240,000 miles and counting. I have my plane ticket and a New Zealand working holiday visa, and a couple of months to get a brewing job before the money runs out.  Writing material? ...with thousands of breweries along the way deciding what to tell is the tough part.  I leave lots of friends and family behind, but I'll make more friends and see more distant family along the way.  (and visitors/travel companions are always welcome to tag along, hint hint) After almost 7 years I leave a great job with Harpoon Brewery, who was just brimming with great beer and people to share it with. Then again most of that should be there when I return so no need to get nostalgic, there is lots to do, so let's GO! First stop is Valparaiso IN to meet up with Mike Lahti at Figure 8 Brewing who brewed at Harpoon in Winsdor VT when I lived there. Then through Kansas to Colorado where live music (Antennas Up), skiing/riding and breweries are on the agenda for 10 days.  Followed by a southern jug handle route to Lake Tahoe that takes me through Santa Fe, AZ (Grand Canyon and AZ Beer Week), and San Diego for some surf, more breweries, and my last warm sunshine before an endless winter. After 5 days of beer and snow in Tahoe the brewing magnets of Eugene and Bend Oregon beckon before I fly to Auckland from Portland. After that the journey is wide open! Be sure to check in every few days for an update on where we've been and where to next. Follow me on Twitter @beerlesstraveld (no second E) to get updates sent to your phone. Cheers! -Ed
Sharing beers with my friend Pat McCann (Left) in NYC
My "treasure" from my August 2011 Cross Country Beer Trip, 67 unique beers

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